Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Ideas for Fundraising

Sub-Sisters Fundraising Program

Sub-Sisters, a new fundraising service based in Santa Cruz, California; has launched a new, innovative fundraising opportunity for schools, churches and organizations. Sub-Sisters' free service provides members with a custom designed Amazon Store selling the full range of products. Setup is easy because it all occurs on Sub-Sisters’ website.  Purchases are made using's secure, encrypted Shopping Cart and Checkout.

Another benefit is that members are invited to compile a "wish list" of items that the organization needs.  These will be prominently displayed in an "Items We Need" category.  Not only will you obtain the merchandise, but you will also receive a commission on the sale!

There is no charge for this service. All the organization needs to do is to inform members, parents and boosters that every purchase they make through the Organization’s Amazon store will generate a commission of which 50% goes to the organization. In addition, 50% of third party advertising revenues will be split with the organization.

Please visit to learn more about the Sub-Sisters' Program and to become a free member.. 
I really hope that you decide to give this idea a try. You can always cancel without penalty and there are no fees involved. 


Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.
Sub-Sisters Webmaster
(831) 688-3158